HP Design Jet T-Series


Our HP DesignJet T-Series large format printers are ideal for architectural, engineering, and construction companies (AEC) and geographic information system (GIS) firms. This series delivers the image quality, accuracy, speed, security, and color necessary to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Print, scan or copy maps, technical drawings, or renderings with precise line quality and crisp text. This model is also ideal for MCAD professional users, municipalities, and government agencies.

Small Office 

Small Office T630 Printer series

The compact size of the HP DesignJet 630 is designed to seamlessly integrate into your office and comes with a built-in stand. This wireless plotter printer is user-friendly and offers both sheet and roll feed, automatic sheet feeder, a media bin, and an automatic horizontal cutter. Efficient high-speed printing eliminates wait time and costs associated with outsourced printing.

HP DesignJet T830 Printer series

Improve your ability to collaborate in the office or onsite with the compact HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction Printer (MFP) with built-in scanner. Use this MFP any place your WIFI signal can reach. This printer has the capability to print straight from your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet, with dynamic security functionality. The T830 can be installed in the office or on a construction site to print project sets and PDF documents with convenient HP Click printing software. The HP DesignJet T830 comes in both 24in and 36in models.


HP DesignJet T1600

The T1600 Multifunction printer combines the Adobe PostScript® printing platform with HP Click software enabling you to easily print any document, including text, graphics, images, and color from any computing platform to any supported device, at the highest quality possible. This Multifunction Printer has an Adobe PDF print engine, a high-speed, high fidelity print platform used to render PDF job content, convert graphics, text and images to rasters for large format applications. This model offers automatic print stacking up to 100 A1/D-size capacity and an integrated media bin. The T1600 has sheet feed, front-loading roll feed, 100 page output stacker, media bin, and automatic horizontal cutter.

HP DesignJet T2600

The T2600 Multifunction Printer allows work teams to collaborate seamlessly using Adobe PostScript®. Access shared folders from any computing platform to scan and print. The T2600 model is powered by the Adobe Print Engine, a high-speed, high fidelity print platform providing increased precision and versatility from the finest details to bold 3D renders. With speeds up to 180D/hr, the T2600 is a game changer when it comes to office productivity, reducing costs while maintaining the highest levels of print quality. Includes sheet and roll feed, roll switching, integrated output stacker, with up to 100 A1/D-size capacity, integrated media bin and automatic horizontal cutter. Some models come with dual loading roll feeds up to 300-ft.

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