27 07, 2023

Repros Expands Large-format Printing Services with the Purchase of Canton City Blue Print

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Repros is pleased to announce the purchase of Canton City Blue Print located in downtown Canton expanding its large-format printing capabilities in the area. This recent acquisition, in combination with the purchase of Akron-based COS Blueprint in 2020, significantly increased the reprographic capabilities of Repros’ engineering division. Repros Engineering is now well-positioned to provide its comprehensive range of large-format printing solutions to an ever-expanding number of architects, engineers, and construction companies (AEC) throughout Northeast Ohio.

City Blue Print Services, as it was originally called, began in Canton’s First National Bank Building in 1921. The business operated within a local surveyor’s office and served the reproduction needs of the immediate downtown Canton area. By the 1930s, they changed their name to Canton City Blue Print and expanded to offer supplies to architects, engineers, and surveyors. Their continued growth necessitated a move to the present 13,000-square-foot facility located at 1334 Oxford Avenue. Recently, the owners of Canton City Blue Print decided to retire and sell the business to Repros.

“It was truly a difficult decision to retire,” noted co-owner Michaele Flickinger. “But after meeting with Repros, I know our customers will be in good hands.”

Established in 1973, Repros is the largest engineering and blueprint equipment dealer in Northeast Ohio. Repros’ Engineering division also offers a complete range of copy shop services to the AEC industries.

Repros Engineering Copy Shop
We know that architects, engineers, and construction project managers work under intense pressure with unpredictable deadlines. Multiple revisions are a typical element of the design/build process. The large-format specialists at Repros Engineering handle a comprehensive range of professional copyshop needs, saving you time and money. Repros also offers additional value-added services like scanning, CAD conversion, and our Blueprint Plan Room for AEC document management.

Ready to print design drafts in-house? Repros represents wide format printing equipment, service, and supplies for Canon/OCE, Xerox, Kip, Epson, Ricoh, Roland, Mactac, Arlon, Sihl, Phototex, and others. Repros also offers expanded graphics solutions with the HP DesignJet line of Z-series printers, Cannon/OCE Colorado, Epson Professional Series, and the Roland solvent and latex line of printers. Our experienced sales reps will help you find the wide-format printer that is right for your specific applications.

Repros Service and Support
Our support doesn’t stop when you purchase your own large-format equipment because we’re here to help. Our service technicians are OEM trained and certified and each has over 25 years of experience maintaining contracts on a wide range of large-format printers and plotters.  We stock common parts in our office to expedite any potential repair.  As wide-format printing equipment transitions from a machine in your office to an integrated part of our network, we also offer specialized expertise in IT integration challenges.  Our copy shops can provide in-house production in the event of downtime for equipment or office interruption. Ask to see a demonstration before you purchase a new printer.

Over the past 50 years, Repros has enjoyed continual expansion and growth. We are pleased to welcome Canton City Blue Print into our family of companies. Customers can continue to send jobs to cantonicityblueprint@gmail.com and they will be redirected to the Repros North Canton office. Or call Repros directly at 330-966-1300.

14 12, 2022

The HP PageWide 5200 Outperforms KIP 9900 in a Year-long Comparison

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Rick Johnson, office manager for COS Blueprint in Akron, migrated from a KIP 9900 printer to an HP PageWide 5200 in September of 2021. After one year and 1.5M square feet of printing, here’s what we’ve learned:

This inkjet platform dominated by HP’s DesignJet series has now transferred that same efficiency and performance to the production-level PageWide platform. The concern with the lower volume technical series platform was stability when running high volumes and the ability to print at speeds above 4 “D” size prints per minute. The HP PageWide platform has performed exceptionally well in both areas with little service, running 20 “D” size prints per minute.

Rick reflected, “The HP PageWide printer requires far less cleaning and has required very little service over the past year.”

Barb Park, Sales Manager at Repros Engineering, added “Customers who historically have had a higher speed monochrome (B&W) printer would often have another small inkjet printer like the DesignJet. But with an upgrade to the powerful HP PageWide, they can now print either monochrome or color on the same machine with much lower cost, saving floor space in their print center.”

Repros COS Blueprint offers large format printing and scanning for the Architect, Engineering and Construction industries. Delivery available or pick up at three convenient locations in Northeast Ohio.
Print crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales with the HP PageWide XL 5200 wide format printer or MPF. Available for purchase through Repros COS Blueprint.

HP has developed the industry-leading line of integrated monochrome and black & white printers that fit any office need. HP’s PageWide 3000 Series line bridges the gap between small technical printer and enterprise units by offering 3-6 “D” per minute printers with the DesignJet XL and the PageWide XL MultiFunction Printers (MFP’s). This series delivers high-quality results and media versatility, producing fine details, a wide color gamut and a flexible ink layer with 6 colors and 1200 dpi resolution.

The 4000 series is available as a printer or a MFP. These models are well-suited for enterprise, producing high speed printing with rich, high quality color images and crisp, sharp black-and-white lines. Running at speeds up to 100 A1 sheets per hour and printing up to 1067 mm wide, the HP PageWide 4000 series will keep operational costs under control with easy remote printer management.

Contact the experienced sales team at COS Blueprint or Repros Engineering to find the large format printing solution that suits you business and budget. Repros Engineering is the largest wide format, print equipment dealer in Northeast Ohio with sales, service and support of HP, Oce, Canon, Epson, Kip, and many others. Repros provides a comprehensive range of large format reprographic services for the architectural and engineering industry, including blue prints and spec books.

COS Blueprint is located at 1518 Copley Road and services the greater Akron area including Montrose, Fairlawn, Medina, Green, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, Copley, and other nearby cities.   COS Blueprint and Repros Engineering operate two other convenient locations in North Canton and Downtown Cleveland.

Call Barb Park for more information at 800-666-3364, or email COSBlueprint@gmail.com

4 01, 2021

Scanning, CAD Conversion, and Plan Room

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Repros offers additional value-added services like Scanning, CAD Conversion and Blueprint Plan Room for AEC Document Management.

Is your company spending valuable resources on outdated document management systems? As your business grows, so do the stacks of boxes filled with blueprints, specs and plans. Over time, blueprint storage can expand to take up valuable office space and increase the risk of loss or damage of valuable information. Epic now provides scanning, CAD conversion and project management services to the AEC industry that will save time, space, and money.

Archival Scanning

Archival scanning of AEC documents will save storage space and salvage aging documents by converting them to digital files. Blueprint scanning can also help businesses of all sizes reduce overhead and streamline their processes. Document scanning provides a number of benefits to businesses, including managing records easily, making images centrally available and, eliminating need for file cabinets. We consult with companies to develop a plan to scan existing paper drawings with a naming convention for easy retrieval.

CAD Conversion

Repros also offers efficient processes for the CAD conversion of AEC documents. Convert architectural and engineering drawings and other documents that are to scale, dimensionally accurate, and layered to your specifications. We service CAD conversion for a wide variety of applications and can re-draft entire drawings or provide clean-base only drafting.

Blueprint Plan Room

Get a customized Plan Room for your business, fully managed with your branding. Track activity, view plan holders and send and manage bid invites via email and fax. Select recipients based on trade, group, location, and more. Epic powered by ReprosBlu offers real-time reporting with recipient activity and bid responses.

Have jobs to manage? Experience cloud power for your projects available anytime and anywhere with fast, scalable infrastructure. No job is too big or too small. Simply upload your documents.

Contact us at 800-666-3364 or email info@ReprosInc.com for more information!

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4 01, 2021

Repros Offers Blueprint Services At All Three Locations

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Repros still offer blueprinting the reprographic needs of the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC). Building on Repros’ extensive experience of over 30 years providing professional document reproduction, copying, scanning and printing to large format printing equipment sales and service.

AEC Printing

Need an affordable source for printing blueprints and spec books with fast and convenient delivery? Epic is now able to copy, scan and print blueprints and spec books in A,B,C,D, and E sizes with black  & white and color options. We also offer despeckling, deskewing, and cropping functionality. Our services include easy online file upload with the flexibility to manage documents from your office to our online portal at: neoplanroom.com. There is no charge for binding, file check, staples, or half size.

Architectual Printing

Blueprint Scanning

Blueprints and engineering drawings hold important, proprietary information; as well as notes and mark-ups used during production and building. Company libraries are typically rooms filled with flat file drawers or boxes of rolled drawings. In many instances, there is one person who can find all the documents. What happens when that key person leaves or retires? Best practices dictate that digitizing drawings will protect your investment, free up valuable office space and allow file sharing across the company network. We can consult with you to develop a plan to scan old drawings with a naming convention for easier retrieval.

Blueprint Printing

Blueprint Reprographic Equipment Sales and Service

Has your business grown to the point that you are considering investing in your own large format equipment? Our experienced sales team can find the large format printing and scanning solutions that are the right fit for your applications. Epic, powered by ReprosBlu, is an authorized dealer of Ricoh, Epson, and Canon. Our service technicians are OEM trained and certified; each with over 25 years of experience.

Wide Format Printing

Contact us for a quote or for more information click here: 

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18 12, 2020

Is Your ADA Signage Accessible? Why It Matters.

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Making your building accessible to people with disabilities using ADA compliant signage is the right thing to do, and it’s the law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities including their access to all places that are open to the public. A wide variety of ADA compliant signage is required to adhere to the ADA standards. Non-compliance to the rules set forth in the ADA can result in costly legal ramifications for the property or business owner. Epic Signs not only understands the federal laws, but also follows state and local codes that supplement the ADA and offers economical solutions to your ADA challenges.

ADA signage is required to present the same information to all people regardless of their physical abilities. ADA signs are specially designed to be posted in public buildings to accommodate individuals with disabilities so they can comfortably navigate what might otherwise be barriers to accessibility. There are several important questions to help you identify the signs your business will need to comply with
ADA signage regulations.

First, making your location accessible, you must consider ADA parking and egress signage.



Also, designated safe location entrances and exits must have the appropriate ADA compliant signs in the case of an emergency. This will ensure the protection of individuals who may need special accommodations, such as people in wheelchairs or the sight impaired.

According to the laws that govern ADA compliance, signs that identify a room or public space, such as restrooms, have strict requirements for size, placement, color, finish, braille features, symbols, font, letter spacing, and capitalization.

We can custom design an ADA compliant signage checklist to ensure the compliance of your building. At the core of our offering is our standard substrates that integrate printing with tactile lettering and braille.


In order to avoid costly mistakes for non-compliance and for more information, contact our ADA design professionals at Epic Signs & Graphics to discuss your ADA signage needs or to schedule a consultation.

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