Fire Safety Signs

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Are Your Fire Safety Signs in Compliance?

As companies push their return-to-office dates into 2022, now is a good time to evaluate your buildings for fire code compliance while your buildings are still empty or well-below occupancy.

Fire safety signs are an important part of your emergency preparedness plan. Unique safety signs serve different purposes. Repros is your one-stop shop for a wide range of safety signs including interior and exterior wall signs, vinyl signs, reflective stairwell signs, and more. 

Typical signs required by the International Fire Code include:

Fire Department Connection Signs – Approved signs are required to identify fire protection equipment and must be visible and permanently installed using durable materials.

 Utilities Signage
Approved signage for utilities such as gas shutoff valves, electric meters and other utility equipment are required to be clearly marked and maintained.

Stairway Identification Signs
Code-compliant signage is required at each floor landing in an interior exit stairway connecting more than three stories. Stairway signs must comply with a range of code requirements including sign and lettering size, content of the message, location, and type of material used to insure durability.

Elevator Signs
Elevator signs that identify location and evacuation instructions are necessary to maintain order and safety in the case of an emergency.

Area Of Refuge + Accessible Means Of Egress Signs
Businesses are required to designate an area of refuge within their buildings designed to house occupants during an emergency when evacuation may not be safe or possible. Proper accessibility signage is required to identify these areas.

Other signs to consider while evaluating your facility for fire safety are address/premises identification signs, illuminated exit signs, fire lane signs, and others.

Not sure if your safety protocols and signage are compliant with current fire codes?

Repros stays up-to-date with local fire ordinances and can consult with you about the best materials to meet your needs, including vinyl, metal, dimensional, flat and reflective signs. Call 800-666-3364 or email for more information.

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Repro’s Textured Wall Mural Technology Used For Cleveland International Film Festival

It’s a Wrap! Repros Sponsors the 2021 Cleveland International Film Festival with a Wall Mural Donation

It’s show time at CIFF and Repros’ rough wall graphic wrap is spreading the word to the surrounding neighborhood and passing traffic. Repros has been a major sponsor of the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) for over a decade. Each year, their sponsorship includes installing a textured wall mural wrap on the CIFF headquarters on Market Street in downtown Cleveland. The brilliant graphics of this exterior wall mural installation mirrors the excitement going on inside the building, creating a billboard for the 2021 event.

Custom branded wall graphics and murals can enhance underused spaces including rough surface exterior building walls — even brick surfaces! Textured wall murals look great and promote your business at the same time.

According to a study conducted by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OOHA), “For each dollar spent on out of home (OOH) advertising, an average of $5.97 is generated in product sales.” The OOH ROI and Optimization in the Media Mixing report analyzed 100 US media campaigns, 25 of which used OOH.

Debby Samples, CIFF Marketing & Media Director commented,
“The quality and creativity of work from the team at Repros have always been their strongest assets. We know when we provide artwork to be placed, it will be done so in a unique way that allows it to stand out in the environment.”

She added, “Most recently, the CIFF45 Streams campaign artwork placed on their building, provided us with more than 11,000 impressions across our social media platforms. Our audience was absolutely thrilled to see it.”

One product that Repros uses for textured wall murals is Arlon DPF 6700 Premium Cast Wall Wrap Film, a 2-mil cast highly conformable film with aggressive permanent adhesive. The film is specially formulated to conform to highly textured masonry surfaces such as brick, stucco, and concrete.

Repros also recommends DPF 8200 High Tack for textured wall applications. This product is the ultimate premium film for textured surfaces and installations on demanding surfaces. According to Arlon, “DPF 8200 durable film combined with a low shrink, high tack adhesive formula allows for greater dimensional stability – making it easier to apply.” This product produces brilliant graphics with reduced converting time and fast printing.

For more information on textured wall murals, go to or contact John Grigoli at (440) 799-8235 or email

For information on the Cleveland International Film Festival schedule and ticketing, go to Tickets can be purchased from a film’s description page or from the Schedule page.

According to the Cleveland International Film Festival, they present the newest and best films from around the world, and they do everything in their power to make sure that their audience learns something along the way — about other cultures, about the topic at hand, about the experience from the filmmakers themselves.

  • For CIFF members, CIFF45 Streams tickets are on sale from 11:00 AM ET on Monday, March 22, 2021-11:00 PM ET on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Tickets are $8 per ticket for regular CIFF45 Streams films and shorts program. Tickets are $20 per ticket for Opening Night
  • For the general public, CIFF45 Streams tickets are sale from 11:00 AM ET on Friday, March 26, 2021- 11:00 PM ET on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Tickets are $10 per ticket for regular CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs. Tickets are $25 per ticket for Opening Night.
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Professional Installation Is Key To A Successful Vehicle Wrap

Think you can apply your own vehicle graphics? You may want to think again. High quality car wraps require experience, precision and an installation environment specifically designed for that purpose.

To get the process started, Repros uses the latest printing technology and high quality vehicle wrap materials to produce your fleet graphics. And, while design and printing are important factors of the vehicle wrap process, at the end of the day, the appearance and durability of your wrap will depend upon the precision of the application process. It is important to have a clean and climate-controlled space to apply vehicle wrap graphics.

A clean shop will help avoid debris contaminating a wrap and prevent larger particles from creating tears in the film. According to the installation experts at 3M, “The temperature of the environment should be between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit for installation. When it’s too hot, vinyl wrap becomes sticky and stretchy. In the cold, a vinyl wrap becomes brittle and hard to stretch.” Repros’ vehicle wrap installation facility is spacious and well-lit, with A/C for summer installations. The building fits a 53’ semi-trailer through a 14’ door.

“Our centrally located installation center provides an industry-leading facility for high-quality installs,” explained Lou LaGuardia of Repros, Inc. “It also reduces the cost of smaller installs by allowing us to move from one job to another, wrapping multiple vehicles at one time.”

Our vehicle wrap install facility is conveniently located at 455 Ken Mar Industrial Parkway in Broadview Heights, Ohio, near the I77 interchange. Just leave your vehicle in front of our garage or in back of the building. Make sure you drop off your keys by the slot located near the door and our experienced wrap professionals take care of the rest.

Contact us to learn more about this cost-effective way to market your business or schedule a time to tour our vehicle wrap installation facility at or email Evan at or 330-225-9840.

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Choosing The Right Vehicle Color For Your Brand

Choose a vehicle color that makes your branded wrap pop!

The impact of Covid-19 has forced many of us to stay at home and rely on deliveries for meals, groceries and other products. We have seen a sharp increase in delivery vans and trucks on the road as a result. While there are so many ways that the pandemic has had a negative impact on businesses, a positive outcome is the opportunity to market your business while your fleet is out on the road. Businesses that wrap their vehicles with their logos are not only delivering their product, but they also have the opportunity to deliver their brand messaging at the same time.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA):

“Vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising. Depending on city and population size, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions.”

That’s a lot of potential new customers!

Concerned about cost? One way to make the process cost-effective is to purchase a vehicle that compliments your logo and branding. The base color of your vehicle becomes part of the design, minimizing the size of the wrap and therefore cutting down on the cost of the installation.

Timothy Moneypenny, founder and CEO of Diligent Electronic Security Systems, wanted his company vehicle to stand out and chose to buy a vehicle with a base color that allows his logo to pop. Moneypenny remarked,

It turned out even better than I expected. The pictures tell the story. Carlos and his team did a great job. I can’t wait until I purchase my next van!

Repros can produce fleet graphics for any size truck and any size fleet that is durable and affordable. Our experienced team of sales and installation experts can help you get your vehicle wrapped and back on the road with professional services that meet the needs of your business and your budget. We use quality 3M and Accucut products, with a 3M performance guarantee for long-term campaigns. Short-term transit vinyl, window perf and cut vinyl are also available.

A well maintained delivery vehicle with a professionally wrapped exterior sends the message that you care about quality. It also becomes a powerful marketing tool to build awareness for  your business in these troubled times and beyond.

For more information, visit our website at or contact us at or 800-666-3364.

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Use Rigid Signage with Fence Stakes for Increased Visibility and Durability

Are you looking to create brand awareness at your customer location, but need more than a simple yard sign for maximum exposure? Do makeshift banner solutions leave you with torn and sagging messaging? Simple yard signs may not provide enough visibility and old banner solutions don’t always stand up to the test of time and extreme weather conditions. In some applications, banners are being replaced by rigid signage with fence stakes as an effective and  durable alternative.

For years, many companies have purchased sign stakes at the hardware store and strung a banner between the posts. Over time, the wind will turn a banner into a sail and pull the stakes inward, causing the banner to sag. We have a solution using fluted plastic; borrowed from the construction of political signs.

Fluted plastic is rigid and holds its shape. It also comes in various thicknesses that helps the graphic to stay firm and readable over longer periods of time. And, you can laminate the print to make it glossy, scratch resistant, with added UV protection.

Typical applications for rigid signage include help wanted, sales, open house, and other event signs where you want to call specific attention to your business.

Get more information on rigid signage with fence stakes! Give us a call at 800-666-3364

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How to Find the Right Vehicle Wrap Installer

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road? Deliver your branding message when you deliver your product. According to the American Trucking Association, the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year!  By applying your company identity and message to your fleet of vehicles, you are creating awareness every time your trucks hit the streets.  This adds up to a cost-effective way to advertise your business. But beware! Wrapping a vehicle is a process that requires precision and experience, and one mistake can ruin the entire installation. Repros has experienced installers, a designated space for vehicle wrap installation, and uses high quality products and installation equipment that will put you on the road to greater visibility and success.

ExperienceThe advantage of an experienced vehicle wrap installer significantly outweighs discounted prices offered by a less-experienced company. Our installers have extensive experience restyling a wide range of vehicles including, trucks, trailers, vans and autos.

EnvironmentThe facility where an installation takes place must be clean and climate-controlled. A clean shop will help avoid debris contaminating a wrap and prevent larger particles from creating tears in the film. According to the installation experts at 3M, the temperature of the environment should be between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit for installation. When it’s too hot, vinyl wrap becomes sticky and stretchy. In the cold, vinyl wrap becomes brittle and hard to stretch. Repros’ vehicle wrap installation space is clean and well-lit, with A/C for summer installations. The facility fits a 53’ semi-trailer through a 14’ door. We are also able to work on multiple vehicles at the same time.

Equipment and materialsRepros produces vehicle wrap graphics for any size truck and any size fleet. Affordable and durable, we use quality Avery, Arlon and 3M products. Short-term transit vinyl, window perf and cut vinyl are also available.

More than a mobile billboard – When your vehicle is at your customer’s location delivering your products and services, it tells prospective customers that their neighbor trusts you.  And, when it’s back at your shop, it provides additional, large signage for vehicles passing by.

Let us turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with vehicle and fleet graphics from Repros Color. 

More Info On Fleet & Vehicle Wraps
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